Craft Cocktails

It’s Friday
Strawberry Hop Vodka, lemon juice, lemon lime soda

Civil Disobedience
Cherry Vanilla Sakura, cocoa syrup and cream

Old Dog, New Trick
Chipotle Peach Moonshine, agave, soda water, house bitters

Mary’s Hot Cousin
Pickled Whiskey, Zing Zang, jalapeño beef stick and pickle garnish

Crunching Leaves
Pumpkin Walnut Rum, Nomad Cider

Jalapeño Apple Agave, house citrus juice blend, sage salt rim

Drunk Uncle
Hibiscus Lime Gin, ginger beer, simple syrup


Tap House Infused Spirits:

Strawberry Hop Vodka
Cherry Vanilla Sakura
Chipotle Peach Moonshine
Pickled Whiskey
Pumpkin Walnut Rum
Jalapeño Apple Agave
Hibiscus Lime Gin

Bloody Mary Infusions:

Bacon Vodka
Garlic Vodka
Jalapeño Vodka